Once you’ve decided on an event our coaches are ready to help reach your goals. Each week coached sessions are built around building strength and speed with tempo and interval runs.

Our members participate in lots of different distances from Parkruns to the long distance marathon, ultra marathon and trail runs. We’ll train together for specific races – erect the club tent at the start-line and Members not running come along and support!

Here’s a few of the popular events we train towards –

    • Dusk 2 Dawn (February);
    • Warwick Pentathrun (May);
    • Noosa Running Festival (May);
    • Brisbane Running Festival (June);
    • Gold Coast Marathon (July); and
    • Sunshine Coast Marathon & Community Run Festival (August)

Training Plans

Our coaches are Queensland Athletics Accredited and available to assist members with

    • Setting goals and personalised training plans (may incur a fee);
    • Advice on injury prevention; and
    • Diet and Nutrition for running performance

Our Coaches have prepared three generic training plans based around speed (5km), Strength (10km) and Endurance (21km) – Click here to view plans.

If you need a custom training plan, please make contact with one of our coaches who can assist with preparing a structured Training Plan to help you reach your goals.

Got A Coaching Question?

Speak to a coach at one of our weekly sessions, or send us a message and we’ll get back to you!

Meet our Coaches

Members are encouraged to contact one of our coaches to discuss their individual running goals.

Contact our Coaches

Martin Schett

“I’m a level 2 recreational running coach. I’m coordinating the North Lakes run sessions on Tuesday evenings. I’ve done 29 marathons including som 50km and six Ironmans. I’m passionate about my sport and love helping others to achieve their goals as well on their running journey.”

In addition to being our Tuesday North Lakes Coach, Marty offers one-on-one paid coaching to Members looking to achieve their best!

Christy McFadden

“I’ve been a club member since 2008 and have been coaching for many of those years. Personally, I am a long distance runner with many marathons and ultras under my belt. I run the Tuesday morning sessions and love seeing people improve and achieve their running goals. I am passionate about running and the social aspect, as well.”

In addition to being our Tuesday Sandgate Coach, Christy offers one-on-one paid coaching to Members looking to achieve their best!

Adam Bryce

Adam has always loved running and has completed countless events at various distances, both on the road, track, and trail. He prefers training for longer distance running events, and he also enjoys running as a pacer to help others achieve their goals on race day.

Adam is a Level 2 Recreational Running Coach allowing him to lead training sessions and design training programs that suit all MBRR members.

Adam’s training sessions are both social and inclusive. He designs a program/series of training sessions to suit a particular period within the running season. This plan assists MBRR members in achieving or bettering their race goals and allows all runners to join the session, enjoy their running and benefit from group exercise. Adam’s quality sessions are tailored to suit a runner’s current ability and goals. They help improve running economy and include drills that develop efficient running movement patterns.

Brenton Zwarts

“I’m a Level 1 recreational run coach. I love running socially and really enjoy encouraging and supporting others achieve their personal goals in a recreational sport that everyone can enjoy.”


Brenton is our Thursday Sandgate Coach and together with Christy deliver quality interval and tempo running sessions to our athletes .