What if I don’t have much experience running or walking?
Moreton Bay Road Runners cater for every type of runner or walker. If you decide to train for a specific event, our coaches can help you achieve your goals.

What if I am an experienced runner?
We have members of all speeds and abilities. Running with other members of similar speeds and goals will help experienced runners improve further.

What sort of distances do you run/walk?
Members train for events of varying formats and distances throughout the year – 5km, 10km, Half-Marathon, Marathon, Ultra’s, Trails and Triathlons.

The amount of training required will depend on your distance. Our coaches are available to assist setting your running and walking goals.

Can I try the Club first?
Yes, potential members are invited to join us at two trial sessions before completing a membership application.

When does the Club run?
Club members meet weekly at locations on the Redcliffe Peninsula, Sandgate and North Lakes. Visit our When Do We Run page for specific locations and times.

Do I need to sign up to events? I just want to walk or run socially
Many members of Moreton Bay Road Runners  run and walk for social enjoyment. We have several sessions each week ideally suited for those just wanting to keep active. Days and locations are listed on our When Do We Run page.

Do Club members participate in any other form of training?
Many Club members undertake other forms of training to compliment their running training. Cycling and swimming are great low-impact training methods. The Peninsula is fortunate to have a great selection of swimming, cycling and Triathlon clubs.

Am I covered by insurance?
Moreton Bay Road Runners are affiliated with Queensland Athletics and all financial members are covered by QA members policies.

Queensland Athletics insurance only applies to activities conducted by the Club. Members should ensure they have appropriate cover if undertaking other sporting activities.

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