MBRR Training Plans

Our coaches have prepared a number of generic plans for runners wanting to achieve their best.

  • A 5km plan will have you setting personal best times at Parkrun;
  • A 10km program designed to build endurance and strength; and
  • The Half Marathon program designed to build distance (12 weeks).

Training for a specific event or want a customised program?
Members are encouraged to contact one of our Coaches who can assist with your specific requirements.

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5km Training Plan (8 weeks)
Perfect for members wanting to run at PARKRUN, this plan incorporates speed into your weekly running.
10km Training Plan (8 weeks)
Incorporating speed and endurance sessions into weekly training with a goal of completing 10km in just eight weeks.
Half Marathon Training Plan (12 weeks)
Perfect for runners ready to challenge the 21.1km distance, this 12 week program prepares you for those longer distances.