When Do We Run?

If you’re interested in becoming more active, wanting to train for your first event or something longer, the Moreton Bay Road Runners can support you through your journey. We meet on Tuesday and Thursdays at locations around the Redcliffe Peninsula, North Lakes and Sandgate. Our weekend runs start at the Redcliffe Jetty.

We have coached running sessions, a monthly time trial and active social calendar!  We offer potential members a FREE TRIAL at two of our club training sessions (see below for details)

Running with MBRR during COVID-19

Moreton Bay Road Runners are affiliated with Queensland Athletics and have a COVID SAFE PLAN in place.
Runners are asked to register when attending any of our Coached Sessions (Tuesdays and Thursdays).
Please remember to observe social distancing. Bring your own drink bottle, use of public water bubblers is not recommended.

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Members, please register for the sessions here.
Visitors – contact us prior to attending an coached sessions to be manually added to attendee lists.

Tuesday mornings at Sandgate

Coached Speed Session
5.00 am from the corner Cliff Street & Flinders Parade
(1st Tuesday month – Nudgee College)

Coach – Christy McFadden

Tuesday evenings at North Lakes

Coached Speed Session
6.30pm from Lake Eden

Coach – Martin Schett & Darragh King

Saturday mornings

Saturday Morning Run / Walk
7.00am from the Redcliffe Jetty

Sunday mornings

Sunday Morning Run / Walk
6.00am from the Redcliffe Jetty

Thursday mornings at Sandgate

Coached Tempo Session
5.00am from the corner Cliff Street & Flinders Parade

Coach – Brenton Zwarts

Thursday evenings at Redcliffe

Couch to 5K

5.30 p.m. from the Redcliffe Jetty

Coached Endurance Session
6.30pm from the Redcliffe Jetty.

Coach – Paul Theron & Geoff Harcourt