Les Tobin Memorial Time Trial


Our monthly Time Trial is held on the first or second Sunday of each month at either Redcliffe or Sandgate.
The location alternates, so please confirm the location for next race on our run calendar.

Start time is 6:00am in summer and 7:00am in winter. After your run, stay and join us for a free cooked breakfast.


5k walk
5k run
10k run


Time Trials provide an opportunity to run under race conditions, and to improve speed and confidence prior to running in your goal event.



Meet at Decker Park (25th Avenue, Brighton)

The Sandgate Time Trial is a fast out-and-back along the walkway from Brighton to Sandgate/Shorncliffe.

All participants head south from Decker Park following the walkway.

5k runners and walkers will turn at the 2.5km point located between 10th Avenue and the Sandgate Pool, then follow the same path back to the start/finish line.

10k runners continue south to the 5km point located just before the globe sculpture on Lover’s Walk where they will turn and follow the same path back to the start/finish line.

Sandgate Time Trial Course


Meet at Captain Cook Park (Redcliffe Parade, Redcliffe)

The 10km course follows the Moreton Bay Cycleway north along the beachfront until runners turn right into Fortune Street where you will continue straight until you rejoin the cycleway heading through Jamieson Park.

Follow the path around turning to the spit and continuing until you reach the 4th water bubbler at the 5km mark. Return to the Start/Finish point along the same route.

The 5km course follows the same route as the 10km runners keeping to the path along the beach front until you reach the 2.5km turning point marked by a witches hat adjacent to the pine trees on Flinders Parade (just before you proceed down the incline towards Scarborough Park).

Turn around here and return to the Start / Finish point along the same route.

Competing in the Time Trials

Time Trial Series

Results from each Time Trial go towards the Time Trial Handicap Series and the Time Trial Performance Series:

Time Trial Handicap Series

  • The Handicap Series is designed so that all Club members can be competitive.  Regular attendance and consistent improvement are key
  • Three race categories: 10km and 5km run, 5km walk
  • Each member has a handicap (or goal) time for their Time Trial distance.  If they finish faster than this time then their handicap is reduced for the next event.  If they are slower then their handicap is increased
  • Handicap Series points are awarded after each Time Trial.  Results in each race category are ranked based on improvement against handicap time, with the most improved receiving maximum points
  • Points are tallied through the year, with each member’s best six results in a category contributing to their final score
  • The winner in each category is the member with the highest score at the end of the year

Time Trial Performance Series

  • The Performance Series is aimed at the quicker runners in the Club
  • Four race categories: 10km women, 10km men, 5km women and 5km men
  • The winner in each category is simply the runner with the lowest average of their four fastest finish times
  • Runners must have a minimum of four results to be eligible for this series

Series Registration, Progress and Standings
Club members register for each Time Trial using the form on the Members Time Trial page. A link to the members page can be found in the weekly Club newsletter and on the MBRR Members Facebook page.

Members can also view their current handicap time and the series standings on the MBRR Members Time Trial page.

Race Timing
The Club uses a phone app for race timing, so we need two volunteers to act as timekeepers at each Time Trial.

When you register for a Time Trial, you can indicate that you would like to be a volunteer timekeeper.  If more than two people request to volunteer, then the timekeepers will be chosen via random draw by an MBRR Committee member.

Since the volunteers are giving up their chance to compete at that Time Trial, they are awarded bonus maximum Handicap Series points for that event.  To keep things fair, members can receive the timekeeping bonus points only once per year.

Wave Starts
The Time Trial uses wave starts, with the aim of having most Club members finishing within 10 or so minutes of each other for catering of breakfast.
We use three start waves:

Early Start (15 minutes prior) 10km runners over 60 minutes finish time only
On the hour 10km over 50 minute runners
Late Start (15 minutes later) 5km runners and walkers

Race Bibs
MBRR Club Members receive a personalised race bib to use at Time Trials and in the Club Championship.

Please remember to bring your race bib each month – they make life easier for the timekeepers, plus they look great for the Club.

Handicap Series Details
Handicap Times
Handicaps are adjusted through the year based on your finish time at each Time Trial:

  • If you finish faster than your handicap then your handicap is reduced by 80% of the difference between your handicap and finish time.
  • If you finish slower than your handicap then your handicap is increased by 10% of the difference between your finish time and handicap.
  • If you don’t have a handicap in the category you enter, then your finish time plus 1% becomes your handicap for the next event.

Some examples:

  • A 10km runner with a handicap of 55:00 finishes in 54:10. Their improvement is 50 seconds, so their handicap is reduced by 40 seconds (80% of 50).  Their handicap at the next Time Trial will be 54:20
  • A 5km runner with a handicap of 30:00 finishes in 31:00. They ran 60 seconds slower than their handicap, so their handicap is increased by 6 seconds (10% of 60).  Their new handicap will be 30:06
  • A runner competes for the first time in 10km and finishes in 50:00. Their handicap for the next Time Trial will be 50:30 (50:00 + 1%)

Point Scores
Points are awarded in each distance category based on the difference between finish times and handicaps.

The member who beats their handicap by the biggest margin (or is closest to their handicap if no one runs under) receives 50 points. 2nd biggest margin gets 46 points, 3rd 43 points, 4th 41 points, then 40, 39, 38, etc points down to 43rd place.

Everyone after 43rd place gets 1 point. Volunteer timekeepers receive 50 points.

Switching Categories
You can switch categories (5km walk / run, 10km) as much as you want during the year, however doing so will probably reduce your chances of doing well in the Series results.


If you have any questions or suggestions please email the MBRR Committee – info.mbrr@gmail.com

About Les Tobin
Les along with Christy McFadden started the monthly time trial as a tool for members to strive for improvement.

Les was regularly the 3hr 45min pacer at the Gold Coast Marathon, a key player in the club’s participation in the Endeavour 500km Road Relay, a true leader in guiding and supporting club members in their training for various events and quite simply a really great guy.

Les served his country as a proud military man and was an avid studier in the field of genealogy. Les was a long term member of the Club who is remembered as a true gentleman and passionate runner who was always keen to share his experience, humor and enthusiasm.

Sadly, Les passed away in January 2018 and is truly missed by those in the Club who knew him.