Les Tobin Memorial Monthly Time Trial


Our monthly Time Trial is held on the second Sunday of each month at either North Lakes, Redcliffe or Sandgate.
The location alternates, so, please confirm the location for next race on our run calendar.

5.30am (Summer) / 6.00am (Winter months)


5km Walk
5km Run
10km Run


Time Trials provide opportunity to run under race conditions, improve speed and confidence prior to running in your goal event. 

Competing in the Time Trials

Start Time – 5.30am (Summer) / 6.00am (Winter months)
Please arrive at least 10 minutes early. Our Timekeeper will record your official finishing time on the results sheet.

North Lakes Time Trial

Please meet at the park on the corner of Lakefield drive and Memorial Drive, North Lakes.

Both the 5 and 10k courses start at the south east corner of Lake Eden (Near Parkrun Start). Runners will head in a clockwise direction around the lake across Finnegan Drive then follow the footpath alongside the golf course.
5k runners will turn at 2.5km and follow the same path back to the start/finish line.

10k runners continue to follow the path up to Bounty Boulevard (approx 4.2k) then turn taking the same route back to start, from this point another full lap of the lake will be completed in a anti-clockwise direction.

Chalk arrows will be placed at turns on the footpath and at turn around points. Join us for breakfast afterwards.


Sandgate Time Trial

Please meet at Decker Park (25th Avenue, Brighton).

Our Sandgate Time Trial is a fast out-and-back 2.5km loop along the walkway from Brigton to Sandgate.

All competitors head south following the walkway until reaching the turnaround point located between 10th Avenue, Sandgate and the Sandgate Pool.

5km walkers and 5km runners return to start. 10km runners repeat a second lap of the course to complete the distance. Join us for breakfast afterwards.



Redcliffe Time Trial

Please meet at Captain Cook Park at the permanent gazebo.

The 10km course follows the Moreton Bay Cycleway north along the beachfront until runners turn right into Fortune Street where you will continue straight until you rejoin the cycleway heading through Jamieson Park. Follow the path around turning to the spit and continuing until you reach the 4th water bubbler at the 5km mark. Return to the Start/Finish point along the same route.

The 5km course follows the same route as the 10km runners keeping to the path along the beach front until you reach the 2.5km turning point marked by a witches hat adjacent to the pine trees on Flinders Parade (just before you proceed down the incline towards Scarborough Park). Turn around here and return to the Start/Finish point along the same route. Join us for breakfast afterwards.


The overall winner in each category will be announced & crowned as the (5km walk, 5km Run, 10km) Time Trial Champion at the Moreton Bay Road Runners Annual General Meeting held each November.

Scoring is based on race, bonus and participation points.

Race Points
Points to the top ten participants with the largest Percentage improvement on their previous time trial. 10 points to the most improved, 9 points to the second most improved, 8 to third and so forth to 1 point for the 10 most improved for each time trial.

Your 8 best time points that you received throughout the year will be used to calculate your total Race Points. These will be adjusted if required after the final race of the year and only affect your score.

Bonus Points
Contribute to your overall score as follows:
1 point for volunteering
1 point for starting in your correct wave

Participation Points
1 point to all participants for completing the Time Trial

Scores will be withheld for the last 2 time trials of the year to allow for any adjustments as required.  Winers are announced at the MBRR AGM held in November.

About Les Tobin

Les along with Christy McFadden started the monthly time trial as a tool for members to strive for improvement.

Les was regularly the 3hr 45min pacer at the Gold Coast Marathon, a key player in the club’s participation in the Endeavour 500km Road Relay, a true leader in guiding and supporting club members in their training for various events and quite simply a really great guy.  Les also served his country as a proud military man and was an avid studier in the field of genealogy.

Les was a long term member of the club who is remembered as a true gentleman and passionate runner who was always keen to share his experience, humor and enthusiasm. Sadly, Les passed away in January 2018 & is truly missed by those in the club who knew him.


Email the MBRR Committee – info.mbrr@gmail.com