Club Communications – email 23/12/2014

The 2015 MBRR Executive Committee sent the following email to club members (in late December 2014) outlining the direction of Club Communications for 2015.

Monthly Calendar: This will replace the weekly updates so when you receive your calendar be sure to save it so you know where the runs are.

Newsletter: The monthly newsletter will continue to go out and will include any important news from the executive, birthdays, etc.

New Website (coming soon): Once our new website goes live there will be a ‘members only’ area where we will publish any upcoming events/runs, etc.  Due to safety reasons we do not want to publish any runs from member’s houses on a public website.

MBRR Facebook Closed Site: This is a private Facebook page that ONLY invited MBRR members can view.  This is where we can put up all kinds of details as no one from the public can read them.  This will be the perfect place to put up any early start runs, different locations, etc. especially once we get into the marathon/half marathon training season.  I believe you can request to be added to the closed group and one of the administrators can accept you or add you (Christy, Kate, Laura Johns, Paula Lynch).  If you search for ‘MBRR Members’ from your Facebook account you should find it.

Moreton Bay Road Runners Facebook Site: This is an open Facebook page and the primary purpose of this page is to advertise our awesome running club to the public in hopes of getting new members.  Please do not post on here about club runs and anything that might be slightly personal information.

Teresa and Christy will primarily look after this site as a way to try and get new (younger) members.  Please be mindful of that when/if you post to this site.

Yearly Calendar:  This will have as many events as possible to outline 2015.  There will be hard copies distributed as well as a soft copy emailed and included on our members area on the new website.  To be completed by the end of January.

Adhoc Emails:  We will continue to email when necessary if something new comes up or for things like the time trial, etc

Any problems – please contact John Hardie, 2015 Club President