Message from Geoff Williams

The club has received this touching message from Geoff which we wanted to share with everyone.
Hello, your generosity in donating to Aussie Helpers at Betty’s Memorial raised in cash & cheques $815.00.

I donated another $100.00 plus AURA’s direct donation of $150.00 making a total of $1065.00.

I am sure Betty would be pleased. On behalf of Betty & myself, thank you very much.

She was a great lady, a great wife & a great best friend.

Β I miss her immensely as I sit here writing this dripping tears into my laptop.

I continue saying this, may she now Rest In Peace, but truthfully I wish she was here sitting & chatting beside me.

I will always love my Betty & I will always remember her.

Thanks to everyone who knew her for your compassion understanding & loving well wishes.

May you all live a happy healthy filled life.

Try staying healthy, for it’s your greatest asset.

Cheers Geoff.
MBRR Committee