2022 Time Trial Series

Series Format

The Les Tobin Memorial Time Trial has had a revamp for 2022. Read about it on the public Time Trial page.

Next Event

Sandgate – Sunday July 10 at 6:45am

Start times are 6:45am / 7:00am / 7:20am.

Choose your 10km start wave based on your expected pace, with an aim to finish by 8am.

  • If more than two people request to volunteer then whoever registers first will get the job. We’ll confirm volunteering with you the day before the Time Trial
  • Registration closes at 6:00am on the morning of the time trial

Handicap Times

Current handicap times are below. Your handicap is based off the time you ran in your most recent Time Trial.

If you don’t have a handicap for your distance, then the first time you complete a distance will be used to set your handicap.


Adam Bryce00:48:12
Adam Leishman00:43:31
Aidan Dineen00:37:23
Alison Massey00:55:34
Andrea Fagan01:15:21
Andrew Hadley00:58:46
Andrew Parr00:45:09
Andy Almond00:48:49
Anthony Middleton00:39:18
Barry Whatley01:04:08
Bec Hollindale00:53:44
Benjamin Hart00:43:15
Brenton Zwarts00:46:26
Briony Sanders00:52:59
Cameron Dew00:48:34
Cameron Roper00:52:06
Candice Newman-Holworthy00:53:45
Carl Bailey-Bradshaw01:04:33
Carl Batty00:36:46
Carmen De Amicis01:05:10
Charlotte Roberts00:50:30
Chris Horne00:53:02
Chris Martin00:50:26
Christy McFadden00:53:46
Clive Gross00:35:48
Craig Pepper00:59:44
Dan Hollis01:02:44
Darragh King00:38:54
Darryl Woodgate01:03:38
David Coombs00:52:28
David Wardrop00:52:13
Deanna Cottrell00:58:21
Ewan McFadzen00:38:58
Gabriela Morales01:24:44
Geoff Harcourt00:50:05
Grant Langlands00:44:00
Guy Schweitzer00:53:29
Heather Elliott01:01:14
Hemi Te Tana00:52:32
Jai Hendrie00:56:43
Janelle Harding00:58:02
Jarrod Lee01:05:15
Jayson Gilbert00:48:45
Jeff Scott00:49:39
John Heather01:06:06
Josh Hinwood00:43:59
Julie Parke00:51:07
Kate Bishop00:57:50
Kirsty Nielsen00:58:27
Kylee Rolton00:59:19
Laura Russell01:03:10
Leanne Blaney01:06:40
Leigh Fraser01:02:38
Liam McCarthy00:38:43
Lisa Dineen00:40:36
Lou Allen00:48:25
Louise Rowe01:07:40
Marc Jones00:43:40
Maria Ellis01:03:07
Marina Geffrelot00:57:14
Mark Guest00:49:01
Martin Schett00:43:49
Mat Scott00:42:38
Matt Spillane01:00:46
Melissa Perry01:01:26
Michael Adamson00:51:29
Michelle Hutchison01:01:53
Michelle Lember01:08:09
Mike Codling00:54:08
Narelle Ramey00:57:07
Nathan Harvey00:55:17
Neale Scott01:03:22
Neil Frawley00:52:02
Noel Price00:49:06
Pascal Corvasce00:49:48
Paul Theron00:40:01
Paula Munro01:00:54
Phoebe Shields00:57:33
Renae Brown00:49:40
Riccardo Messona00:48:22
Richelle Shaw00:45:53
Rob Johnston00:46:03
Rob Little00:50:58
Rodney Allen00:51:59
Rodney Massey00:48:51
Salsie Pieterse00:45:20
Sarah Griffiths00:55:10
Sarah Keleher00:51:19
Scott Muir00:53:53
Scott Perry00:39:52
Shane Price00:39:26
Shane Russell00:43:47
Sharni Speranza00:46:50
Sophie Streets00:52:55
Stephanie Lockyer00:50:15
Stephen Butcher00:34:41
Steve Harris00:50:22
Taylah Douglas00:52:47
Terry Logan01:03:59
Timmone Douglas00:54:31
Timothy Douglas00:54:31
Tina Weatherall00:54:43
Trent Johnson00:48:57
Wayne Hastie01:17:41

5km run

Adam Bryce00:21:18
Alison Massey00:29:47
Brad Mitchell00:34:08
Candice Newman-Holworthy00:27:45
Carmen De Amicis00:32:11
Deanna Cottrell00:36:39
Deb Harrison00:28:27
Geoff Harcourt00:26:52
Heather Elliott00:28:01
Hemi Te Tana00:57:17
Jai Hendrie00:30:55
Janelle Harding00:34:19
Jarrod Lee00:22:55
Jillian Stansfield00:30:46
Jodi Beck00:23:16
Kate Coombs00:26:57
Kirsty Nielsen00:28:37
Kristie Sommers00:38:13
Laura Russell00:33:43
Leanne Blaney00:35:49
Liam McCarthy00:28:56
Michael Adamson00:22:03
Narelle Ramey00:25:41
Neale Scott00:36:38
Neil Frawley00:22:16
Paula Munro00:36:23
Rikki Gross00:27:28
Rodney Allen00:25:24
Salsie Pieterse00:22:10
Scott Muir00:29:16
Shane Russell00:24:21
Stephen Weir00:27:34
Terry Logan00:37:45

5km walk

Gabriela Morales00:57:11
Jean Coombs00:55:34
Kirstie Hastie00:55:03
Maria Ellis00:46:48
Melissa Perry00:49:51
Neale Scott00:57:55
Pamela O'Hagan00:53:32
Paula Munro00:52:22
Scott Muir00:49:51
Wayne Hastie00:49:18


Results from the June Time Trial are below:

Series Standings

Handicap Series

The 2022 Handicap Series points tables include your best six results from Time Trials though the year.

Standings after the June Time Trial are:


Paula Munro215
Andy Almond206
Deanna Cottrell206
Wayne Hastie165
Carl Batty155
Cameron Dew150
Leanne Blaney145
Carl Bailey-Bradshaw143
Maria Ellis141
Barry Whatley138
Scott Perry126
Martin Schett123
Neale Scott123
Stephen Butcher123
Liam McCarthy117
Grant Langlands111
Noel Price109
Lisa Dineen105
Steve Harris103
Brenton Zwarts101
Candice Newman-Holworthy101
Narelle Ramey93
Neil Frawley89
Melissa Perry87
Adam Leishman86
Julie Parke85
Riccardo Messona85
John Heather83
Rob Johnston82
Benjamin Hart81
Scott Muir80
Craig Pepper79
David Coombs74
Rodney Massey74
Clive Gross71
Aidan Dineen67
Josh Hinwood65
Terry Logan64
Salsie Pieterse63
Laura Russell62
Darragh King61
Michelle Lember56
Gabriela Morales51
Sophie Streets50
Heather Elliott48
Carmen De Amicis46
Pascal Corvasce44
Geoff Harcourt43
Andrea Fagan39
Christy McFadden37
Stephanie Lockyer36
Andrew Hadley35
Cameron Roper33
Richelle Shaw33
Rodney Allen32
Adam Bryce31
Guy Schweitzer30
Chris Horne29
Jeff Scott27
Shane Price23
Shane Russell20
Phoebe Shields19
Alison Massey1
Andrew Parr1
Anthony Middleton1
Bec Hollindale1
Briony Sanders1
Chris Martin1
Dan Hollis1
Ewan McFadzen1
Jarrod Lee1
Jayson Gilbert1
Kirsty Nielsen1
Kylee Rolton1
Lou Allen1
Marina Geffrelot1
Mat Scott1
Matt Spillane1
Michael Adamson1
Mike Codling1
Renae Brown1
Rob Little1
Sharni Speranza1
Taylah Douglas1
Timothy Douglas1
Timmone Douglas1
Tina Weatherall1

5km run

Laura Russell137
Jodi Beck101
Deb Harrison97
Rodney Allen92
Rikki Gross51
Shane Russell51
Stephen Weir51
Heather Elliott50
Geoff Harcourt47
Kirsty Nielsen44
Leanne Blaney43
Terry Logan43
Brad Mitchell1
Candice Newman-Holworthy1
Carmen De Amicis1
Deanna Cottrell1
Hemi Te Tana1
Janelle Harding1
Jarrod Lee1
Liam McCarthy1
Michael Adamson1
Neale Scott1
Neil Frawley1
Salsie Pieterse1

5km walk

Jean Coombs291
Kirstie Hastie267
Wayne Hastie100
Maria Ellis96
Gabriela Morales89
Melissa Perry1
Neale Scott1
Scott Muir1

Performance Series

Time Trial Performance Series results are below.

Don’t forget you need to have completed at least four time trials to be included in the final standings

Volunteer Timekeeper

Points for volunteer timekeeper are below. These points will be included in the Handicap Series final standings.

Andy Almond50
Clive Gross50
Craig Pepper50
Maria Ellis50
Narelle Ramey50
Rikki Gross50
Stephen Weir50
Wayne Hastie50