Les Tobin Memorial Monthly Time Trial

Time Trials are usually be held on the first Sunday of each month from February to November.



Meet just north of the Redcliffe Jetty

Race Options

10km Run
5km Run
5km Walk

What is the benefit of participating?

Improve your confidence and speed as you train for your goal races throughout the year.

What are we competing for?

Aside from all the benefits above, the winner in each category will be announced & crowned as the (10km, 5km run, 5km walk) Time Trial Champion at the Moreton Bay Road Runners Annual General Meeting held each November.

About Les Tobin

Les was a long term member of the club who is remembered as a true gentleman and passionate runner who was always keen to share his experience, humor and enthusiasm in the club.

Les was the 3:45 pacer at the Gold Coast Marathon for many years, a key player in the club’s participation in the Endeavour 500km Road Relay, a true leader in guiding and supporting club members in their training for various events and quite simply a really great guy.  Les also served his country as a proud military man and was an avid studier in the field of genealogy.

Les along with Christy McFadden started the monthly time trials as a tool for members to strive for improvement.

Les sadly passed away in January 2018 & is truly missed by those in the club who knew him.

Competing In The Time Trials

When do I start

Take careful note of your start time, as bonus points are awarded for starting on time (see Scoring System)!

Please start in your allocated start wave.  The waves have been calculated to ensure that similar paced runners start together and all competitors finish at approximately the same time. Depending on your results, you may move up or down to the next wave based on your previous month’s effort.

Start Waves


 Start Time

 Target Time

 Target Pace

10km Run

5:30:00 AM Above 1 hour 5 minutes 6:30 mn/km plus
5:36:00 AM 60 minutes to 1 hour 5 minutes 6:00 min/km to 6:30 min/km
5:42:00 AM 55 minutes to 60 minutes 5:30 min/km to 6:00 min/km
5:48:00 AM 50 minutes to 55 minutes 5:00 min/km to 5:30 min/km
5:54:00 AM 45 minutes to 50 minutes 4:30 min/km to 5:00 min/km
6:00:00 AM 40 minutes to 45 minutes 4:00 min/km to 4:30 min/km

5km Run

6:02:00 AM Above 32:30 minutes 6:30 min/km plus
6:05:00 AM 30 minutes to 32:30 minutes 6:00 min/km to 6:30 min/km
6:08:00 AM 27:30 minutes to 30 minutes 5:30 min/km to 6:00 min/km
6:10:00 AM 25 minutes to 27:30 minutes 5:00 min/km to 5:30 min/km
6:12:00 AM 22:30 minutes to 25 minutes 4:30 min/km to 5:00 min/km
6:15:00 AM 20 minutes to 22:30 minutes 4:00 min/km to 4:30 min/km

5km Walk

5:30:00 AM Above 60 minutes 12:00 min/km plus
5:36:00 AM 55 minutes to 60 minutes 11:00 min/km to 12:00 min/km
5:42:00 AM 50 minutes to 55 minutes 10:00 min/km to 11:00 min/km
5:48:00 AM 45 minutes to 50 minutes 9:00 min/km to 10:00 min/km
5:54:00 AM 40 minutes to 45 minutes 8:00 min/km to 9:00 min/km
6:00:00 AM 35 minutes to 40 minutes 7:00 min/km to 8:00 min/km

What if I haven’t got an allocated start time, or start part way through the year?

On the morning of the event please arrive 10 minutes early & nominate your wave. This wave should be based on a recent race or the time that you believe you should be achieving.  Remember there is lots of benefit in competing even if you have missed a few races.


A new scoring system is being introduced for 2019 comprising of Participation Points, Race Points & Bonus Points.  Information on each is as follows:

Participation Points

1 point to all participants for completing the Time Trial

Race Points

Points to the top ten participants with the largest Percentage improvement on their previous time trial. 10 points to the most improved, 9 points to the second most improved, 8 to third and so forth to 1 point for the 10 most improved for each time trial.

Your 8 best time points that you received throughout the year will be used to calculate your total Race Points. These will be adjusted if required after the final race of the year and only affect your score.

Bonus Points

Contribute to your overall score as follows:
1 point for volunteering
1 point for starting in your correct wave

End of Year Score

Scores will be withheld for the last 2 time trials of the year to allow for any adjustments as required.  Final scores will be announced at the MBRR AGM in November.


Email the MBRR Committee – info.mbrr@gmail.com